Combination: Twenty minutes of ballet, tap and acrobatics for ages 2 – 6 years. Students will be taught the fundamental elements of dance and classroom etiquette through exercises and a variety of movement based games. This class is taught to young children who are ready for dance lessons without a parent.

Ballet: Provides the technical foundation for all dance. It develops coordination, grace, muscle toning, poise, good posture, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Students learn

Pointe: A technique based on ballet principles. Pointe classes follow the same structure of a ballet class. Pointe classes require ballet classes and instructor approval. Proper shoes and attire required.

Tumbling / Acro: Incorporates both the acrobatic and gymnastic techniques. We place strong values on the teaching of proper mechanics of the tricks.

Jazz: Upbeat dance style using elements of ballet and modern influenced by rhythm & music. Lyrical and Contemporary is a fusion of ballet, jazz, and modern technique. These styles are incorporated into all Jazz classes.

Hip-Hop: A fusion of the latest steps from TV to the streets. Hip-Hop encompasses many street styles, the most common styles being; break-dancing, funk, popping, locking and improvisation (freestyle).

Tap: Develops rhythm and coordination. Tap dance works the connection of the mind and body through complex footwork.

Stretch and Strength Conditioning: Students will learn basic skills while enhancing flexibility, strength, balance and muscle control. A program designed specifically for dancers by a Sports trainer with the knowledge of the body and the extreme demands of dance.