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Since 2007, Tempe Dance West has provided outstanding technical training in a positive and fun environment. Your kids have a great time, while our faculty focuses on developing important life skills like positive self-image,
dependability, responsibility, respect and teamwork.



Join the community where we provide outstanding technical training in a positive and fun environment

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Our main priority is to provide a safe and empowering environment for any dancer to feel their best & safe.


We promote positivity to make sure every dancer doesn't feel left behind and is always growing as a dancer in the right way.


We focus on growing the skills of a dancer to elevate their game and make them an overall better dancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not in the state of Arizona! This is even more reason to investigate the teacher and the studio you are considering.

Children’s dance education can begin as early as the age of three, when they have the motor skills to participate in dance class. Each child grows at his/her own pace – some are more physical while others are more verbal. Our Combo Program begins with Ballet for Posture and Turn-out, Tap for Rhythm & Musical Timing, and Tumbling for flexibility and strength to improve balance and coordination. Children are like sponges, eager to learn. However, bad habits can easily form during those first few years of dancing school. A proper formal dance education is most important in the formative years.

Yes! It is equally important for boys to have the same opportunity to learn rhythm & timing, coordination, classroom etiquette and an appreciation for the performing arts. Dance will increase strength and flexibility, building a strong, healthy body that will help with all future sports programs and professions.

Class lessons are best for your child for he/she will learn to work in unison with a group. The competition between class mates is good for the dance student and will make them grow into a more enthusiastic dancer. Good work habits will be formed through the cooperation, teaching your child to live with people in harmony all through life.

Private Lessons here at Tempe Dance are available for those interested. Privates are most commonly used to learn choreography for select dancers. They can often be used to play catch up when transferring from another studio or missing classes.

Young dancers are always enthusiastic about beginning dancing en Pointe too soon. If a child has had good ballet training she will begin Pointe work around the age of 10 or 11. If care is not taken, lifelong disabilities can result from starting Pointe before supple bodies are strong enough and muscles are properly developed.

Ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms. This art of dance was born in the18th Century and has continued to evolve into today’s world renowned entertainment. Ballet technique is written in French, the traditional language of dance. By learning the correct terminology of each dance movement will be easier to execute. Dancers are only made through hours of practicing technique to perfect control of every part of the mind and body. Congratulation to you, Parents, for giving your child a chance to build a beautiful, strong, healthy body & mind and to enter into the art of dancing.

Because your child deserves the best! We offer every child opportunities to grow, to learn, to see the world. We realize that not every child has the drive, determination or natural talent to become a professional dancer. However, we believe that every child deserves the chance to try! It is a huge misconception that Tempe Dance West is for the serious or advanced student. This

is simply not true… we cater to the preschool beginner and instill a love for dance and lifetime respect for the performing arts. A safe happy environment where you can feel the excitement and energy in the atmosphere! A great place to learn a better place to grow up!!!

Looking to the future for your children

Tempe Dance West Company is a performance and competition team that trains 5+ hours per week in jazz, ballet, tap and tumbling. Kids ages 4 years and up learn to be responsible, punctual and dependable team members while pursuing a solid foundation in dance technique combined with fun performance opportunities.

Welcome to Your Opportunity to Join The Fun!


Twenty minutes of ballet, tap and acrobatics for ages 2 – 6 years. Students will be taught the fundamental elements of dance and classroom etiquette through exercises and a variety of movement based games. This class is taught to young children who are ready for dance lessons without a parent.

Provides the technical foundation for all dance. It develops coordination, grace, muscle toning, poise, good posture, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Students learn

A technique based on ballet principles. Pointe classes follow the same structure of a ballet class. Pointe classes require ballet classes and instructor approval. Proper shoes and attire required.

Incorporates both the acrobatic and gymnastic techniques. We place strong values on the teaching of proper mechanics of the tricks.

Upbeat dance style using elements of ballet and modern influenced by rhythm & music. Lyrical and Contemporary is a fusion of ballet, jazz, and modern technique. These styles are incorporated into all Jazz classes.

A fusion of the latest steps from TV to the streets. Hip-Hop encompasses many street styles, the most common styles being; break-dancing, funk, popping, locking and improvisation (freestyle).

Develops rhythm and coordination. Tap dance works the connection of the mind and body through complex footwork.

Students will learn basic skills while enhancing flexibility, strength, balance and muscle control. A program designed specifically for dancers by a Sports trainer with the knowledge of the body and the extreme demands of dance.

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