Tempe Dance West Testimonials

  • "Our daughter has grown as a dancer and a young lady thanks in a great way to Tempe Dance Academy. More than any other dance school in the Phoenix area, we believe TDA is the best place to go to learn dance. They don't just drill routines, they teach them proper technique. The children are taught the different genres, steps and terms they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.

    TDA has experienced and accomplished instructors and choreographers who work hard to assist the children to learn the proper techniques - helping them be the best that they can be. Their choreography is even tailored to showcase each child's individual strengths. TDA also uses age appropriate routines and costumes and helps teach the kids what is expected of them as young adults."-The Morris Family

  • "I am a university dance professor and was very concerned about finding the right studio for my teenage daughter to study at. I have been extremely impressed with the caliber, diversity of training and nature of instruction at Tempe Dance Academy. In all my years within the field I have not found a better pre-professional training program that equally nurtures students as individuals and dance artists. While attending national dance competitions with my daughter, it has become obvious to me that TDA is a cut above the rest in terms of the level of student technical ability, quality of choreography, meticulous performance detail and expression, and the professional, age-appropriate way students are portrayed onstage. This program will train students for successful careers in dance, but perhaps more importantly, will cultivate self-esteem, a strong work ethic, a healthy active life-style, and a love for the performing arts."-Becky

  • "If you want a warm, fuzzy, social dance environment, Tempe Dance Academy may not be for you. But if you want your child to be pushed and worked hard to achieve their absolute best, then TDA is a must. I do not want to sound like TDA is not a fun place to be (my two kids absolutely love it and their best friends come from this studio), but the teachers at TDA have perfected the ability to know what they can get from your child and they will push, teach and coach to make sure that happens. Your child will sweat a lot and at times they will not like what the teachers have to say, but they will learn technique and the discipline of dance. Combine all of that with world class choreography, and you end up with incredibly entertaining group dances and solos to watch and cheer. Even with a 20 mile one-way commute that I make twice a day, going to Tempe Dance Academy is the best dance decision we could have ever made."-Bob